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Spiritual Teaching From the Ground up
Healing From the Core with Self-Love Coaching

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Spiritual Education
Courses & Workshops
Self-Love Coach

Eve Hansen, Dip.Hom, has been a Spiritual Teacher for more than years.
Eve offers Online Coaching, Courses, Workshops and in-person consultation.


-Spiritual Development-
-Self-Love Coaching (spiritual adaptation/specialisations)-
-Clairvoyant Tarot Readings-



Meet Eve half way:
"Work together to transform your life from the core."


"Today Begins with You"

Encompassing the Full Circle of Life

Empowering Individuals on their Self Discovery Journeys

Integrating Above and Below

Bring the Spiritual to the Physical

Self-Love Coaching

Holistic and Spiritual Approach; designed to help you heal from the core. With an integrative and holistic approach Eve carries years of experience with the successful transformation of emotional and psychological dis-ease.
Eve is also a qualified Homeopath; which can be incorporated into coaching to facilitate the transformation experience.

 Online Learning

and Courses

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I want to change myself."


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