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Healing From the Core

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Alternative Medicine

Natural Health for Menopause; Homeopathy for Menopause
Inner Child Coach
Integrative Chakra Balancing

Integrating creative therapies and empowering clients on their healing journey.

Eve Hansen, Dip.Hom, has been working with healing energy for 10+ years.
With an understanding of unique and individual needs in the treatments of vibrational medicine, Eve offers tools and remedies that allow and support her clients to get the most out of their healing experience.
Eve offers Online Consultations, Remote Chakra Balancing Sessions, and other services for her clients worldwide while offering a range of in-person consultations and sessions, .

-Inner Child Coaching-
- Homeopathic Treatment-
- Chakra Balancing-
-Healing From the Core-

Deep Intuitive Healing

Holistic Coaching; designed to help you heal from the core. With an integrative and holistic approach, Eve carries years of experience with the successful treatment of chronic physical and psychological dis-ease using an array of self-help tools.

Rosemary Sprig

Why Choose Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe and effective modality which can be used alongside Western medical treatment. 

Remedies are easy to receive, tasteless, and have no nasty chemicals.

"Less is more" is the nature of Homeopathic prescription, with clean and simple programs for rebalancing and healing, some conditions may only require a single dose per week or less.

Rather than repressing or compensating for symptoms, Homeopathy is holistic treatment that focuses on the totality of an individual.

Inner Child: 
Group Coaching

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I want to change myself."


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