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The Hermit Program- August 2022
4 Month Spiritual Life Coaching Group

Come home to you...

Begins Friday, August 12th 2022, at 7pmNZT
and welcomes 8 attendees.

Affordable weekly payment schemes to pay off the total balance. 

Scroll down to find out more.

Weekly 1.5hour calls over zoom. 

About the Hermit Program

This program is designed so that as a group everyone can move at an affordable rate with Spiritual life coaching;

Aimed to bring about wellness, balance and spiritual oneness with your connection to self and the Spiritual Team you are guided by. 

We will be spending 16 weeks together connecting you to your higher selves and Spiritual Guides, so that you can lead a higher vibrational life and release doubt from your ego/mind.

To move forward in confidence with your connection,

To bring about change and expand your light from within.

Letting go of old patterns and stuck energies. The program will help connect you more deeply with yourself and your higher spiritual guidances.

Intuitive practices, self acceptance and more.

Make an enquiry today if this feels right for you.

Sessions are held on Zoom .... Show up as yourself and more importantly .... show up for the benefit of yourself.

Mindfulness, Exploration, Dedication to spirit, Love, Spiritual Connection, Body and Nurture, Higher Self


We will embody breath work, conversation, meditation, worksheets and more.


Month 1: Self

*Meet the new you

*Mindfulness and presence

*Comparisons ; be gone!

*Source energy

Month 2: Higher Self and Guides

*Higher chakras and the crown

*Intuition ;practices for development

*Spirit Guides

*Stages of Spiritual development

Month 3: Values
*Core values, goals, moon cycles
*Solar Plexus
*Discernment, ego

Month 4: Abundance

*Prayer and gratitude
*Breath, kundalini
*Catch yourself ; manifestation

Closing ceremony

Weekly payment pp $88.00nzd under 55,000 per individual annum income
Weekly payment pp $111.00nzd over 55,000 per individual annum income
**First weeks fee as a non-refundable deposit to hold your space**
Upfront bulk discount $1,222.00nzd under 55,000 per individual annum income
Upfront bulk discount $1,444.00nzd over 55,000 per individual annum income
**25% non-refundable deposit required to hold your space, the remaining balance is to be paid by week 2 of the program**

Please book in a free 15 minute call with Eve, your coach, to discuss if this journey is the right fit for you.

Join us for the journey if it feels right for you.

Make an Enquiry

Feel free to book a free 15 minute consult call with Eve to go over details in person. 

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