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All About Me

From a young age I was very clear in my empathic abilities and ability to hold space for others. As the years went on I sought spiritual counsel and understanding of Spirit to expand my "brain capacity" so I could talk to my deceased Nana who was age 21 years when she left the Earth.

Having grown up in Christchurch, NZ, I found my calling as a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer which later manifested and blossomed into other areas of natural/holistic health such as Homeopathy and Coaching.

An intellect by nature my vast knowledge of the body, science, behavioural constructs, tools and spiritual guidances has given me the tools to be able to share liberating healing experience with others.

A firm believer in getting to the root cause of all things, my nature has always lead me to heal myself first (at the root cause) and others second. This embodiment of the "hag" or the Crone aspect of life and death is very special and relevant to me in the way that I work with others, The places in-between and guiding through darkness with non-attachment to societal norms or ethos is where Hagio Crone comes from. I am she, she is me.

I have experiences in working with others from all facets and kinds of experiences. From helping "cure" (anecdotally) anxiety, return confidence, stop hallucinations, rebalance hormones, PTSD, anger management, sexual abuses and much more.

There is no job too tough, no emotion or anxiety too extreme and no experience that cannot be healed in my mind. But for legal reasons, please note: I do not intend to mislead... yada yada you know the sentence.

Life experience has given me the best bag of tools I could ask for.

For years I have practiced various styles of meditation and discipline, release and breath work, EMDR, energy healing, timeline and intuitive therapies and more.. Healing myself so that I could find an easier route to direct other fellow light seekers on their own journeys to abundance and health.

I have been told there is a sense of kindness and wisdom beyond this lifetime when people listen and work with me. My determination to successfully rid my own depression and find happiness within, to be the best healer in competition only with myself meant my limits and expectations were always high. This can be seen both in my own life and how I share transformative medicine to my valued clients.

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