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I’m Here for You

What should I expect from a healing?

During a healing you may feel different sensations such as pressure, pulling, tingling, warmth and sometimes resurfacing of memories and emotions. Eve will call you using Zoom conferencing if you are having remote healing and begin sending healing energy to your body once you are comfortable. Through visualisation and intention the time/space reality is no longer important. Energy acts beyond this limitation and can be felt, sent and tapped into anywhere in the world.

It is best if you close your eyes and let yourself relax, the sensations felt in your body are the energetic blockages in your meridians being shifted, released and healed.

All of this applies to an In-Person healing as well.

It is normal to feel pressure and tugging in different areas, but especially about the throat during an energy healing with Eve, often this area has built up a lot of stagnant energy (where we shut down our throat/speaking/expressing and communication centre) try not to be alarmed. This will pass as Eve continues transmitting healing energy to you.

Many people see variations of light washing over them during a healing-white, pink, purple etc. This is also normal as your intuitive self has been opened during the healing and therefore your mind becomes more open to seeing the energies moving in and around you.

A healing usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour, both remote and in person.

Pain and dis-ease is the bodies way of telling us "something's not right", often we ignore the early tell tale signs like fatigue and disruption to sleep patterns. As a dynamic and intricate being the human body is totally unified in mind and body. 

During a healing the emotional and mental aspects which underlie the distress of the body are nurtured and sent light to heal what lies within the shadow of the 'physical cell.' In most cases, where there is pain the meridian closest to it will tell us (or Eve) the cause of this distress. 

I.e. the heart becomes blocked from taking on a loved ones heavy grief- this sits in the back of the chakra and prevents energetic flow in the person being healed. This can lead on to stagnate the flow in the arms, hands and wrists so often where someone comes for wrist pain - the whole meridian is cleared and lead back to it's original emotional disturbances. 

Energy healing basically helps to increase the quantum mechanics of your cells, so it assists the body to function more optimally in it's own healing process. Say your inflammation cells are not quite 'doing it right' and are overactive. Energy will work to lower the excessive actions in the cells and give it a real chance to heal. 

What to expect post-healing, how long does it last?

After a healing 8 out of 10 people will have a very deep and restful sleep. It’s important to drink a glass of water after your healing to prevent a headache. Your body has had a workout and your cells are vibrating higher from the healing which calls to give the physical aspect of your body sustenance after as well.

The next day you should wake up feeling clear headed and lighter, calmer and more whole. On the most part people will feel a lot lighter and happier directly after the healing, so don’t get up too fast from your seat. Try to reground with a glass of water first.

If you are new to healing the positive effects tend to last 2-3 weeks, after which your energy may drop a bit from life’s usual commodities. Booking in once a month can be a great way to stay well balanced.

Is there anything I should be aware of from a healing?

If you have physical ailments that have been worked on it is important to be gentle with yourself for a few days. Energy makes the area more supple as it heals fully, it will usually feel really good and people tend to overdo it the next day because the body part can function a lot better. Take it easy on your body for at least 48 hours after a good healing session and don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any adverse effects.

I had a healing and felt much worse from it...?

On occasion a healing ‘crisis’ might occur, this is when your symptoms are aggravated or worsened for a short sharp burst. The age old “you’ve got to get worse before you can get better” isn’t necessarily the case but it is relevant.

A healing crisis can happen for a number of reasons, sometimes the energies entering your body during the healing are too high in vibration and this upsets the body/spirit temporarily making it worse.

It may occur from deep sufferings being brought to the surface during the healing if the emotional traumas stagnated in your body have been excessive. If there are old suppressions that are extremely difficult for you to face they may be stirred up and brought out in a physical expression of pain afterward.

This calls for your attention to ask yourself why/what it is that your body is holding onto. What is it that you are not ready to heal from or to face? And can you gently nurture this space with some self love and compassion if you are or are not yet ready to delve into? 
Be kind with yourself, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Always yell out to your practitioner if you have a healing crisis, they may be able to give you consolation and understanding. It will pass soon.

What Are Homeopathic Remedies Made From?

Homeopathic remedies are derived from plants and other materials such as minerals and tissue. Just like the medications prescribed for Thyroid dysfunction can be made from animal glands, vaccines from live tissues and anti-biotics from mold there are many remedies that are made from other tissues, not just plant based. However the medicines no longer contain any of the original substance in them, when placed under a scope there is ‘nothing there’. After a lengthy process to remove toxicity and retain medicinal use of the material energetically the medicine is essentially quantum obtaining the memory of the material and enhancing its potency by special methods.

Can I Still Take My Medications And Vitamins?

Yes, yes and yes! Homeopathy is a complimentary system and works well alongside western prescription. Just let your homeopath know what you are taking and how often so they can be sure to give you the right dosage of homeopathic medicines.

Do Herbs Affect My Homeopathic Prescription?

Unfortunately yes, anything with a medicinal energy may effect a homeopathic medicine. But we are only human and this is why thorough questioning is so important for the Practitioner to give you the right dosage.
Drinking coffee or taking mint after a homeopathic remedy can override it in energy and substance, it is best to avoid food and drink within 30 mins either side of taking your dose.


Is It Legit?

With a little hoo doo and a lot of voodoo, it most certainly is. Eve is a very earthy person and her logical manner serves to assist in higher vibrations. Although homeopathy is plastered over the internet as quackery there is 200 years of anecdotal research and proof to say otherwise. For example Jeremy Sherr’s work in Tasmania prescribing homeopathy for AIDS, quite successfully at that.

Eve completed her 4 year Diploma in Homeopathy through CNHH in NZ.
Her background in energy healing, working with trauma and flower essences comes from 10 years of experience working with Spirit Guides, various types of energies and she has taught many students over the years with a deep, methodical and effective way of healing.

Is There Anything I Need To Do To Help The Process?

Believe. Sometimes it can be difficult to trust in another person, especially when it comes to something new… but don’t let that stop you trying. There’s someone for everyone and every healer, homeopath, coach and human has their own medicine to share. Find the person that matches yours and believe in yourself and them.
Be brave, be innocent and above all slow down.
The process of recovery is usually not overnight, the best thing you can possibly do is commit to you and be willing to help yourself in the process. 

Coaching, healing and treatment is a 2 man party and between us both we can get you dancing to your natural rhythm.

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