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And From Darkness They Were Formed

In the beginning there was darkness, in almost all cultures this darkness was our very origination of both soul and physical body. The Universe gathered light from all ends of the colour spectrum, that of blue, yellow, purple, red and white.. all that can be seen in the stars above, the land and sea below. We are an accumulation of light gathered in a form to make one new soul. This soul then orchestrated by the divine universe goes into a dance, musical demonstration of the soul to say "Where do we go now." The light being attracted to what else is out there finds it's way to the next place of form, creation and light. Down we must go, to the density of the 3 dimensional world- that of the Earth. Once we arrive, orchestrated perfectly and aligned in our light with those that will give guidance and teaching the new soul enters into pre-school. How do I develop? What must I learn? At first the lives are heavy, filled with darkness, dread and incomprehension. They seek out experiences as they learn from a world of nothingness how to be that in the light. Countless lives teach us that we are there to be the embodiment of true divine light and love, but not without the journey first. He who is born a master learns nothing, but the novice always has something to look forward to. So we are reckless, destructive like the meteor travelling a path with no true direction in the sky. Eventually fragmenting, some day growing into a world of our own. Each life brings us more awareness and lessons. Each life strikes us a totally new experience but yet we live, we return to the darkness, we are born and we repeat the cycle over and over until the void becomes filled, fluid, gentler in it's being. The great descent to the Earth brings yet again the story of creation through light and dark. As one enters the foetus below, leaving the light of the Spirit realm behind a great sleep comes upon us. The memory fades, the womb filled with it's beginning, the darkness pervades this space. On a soul level we become She or He. No longer nameless. What power is there in naming something? And what power in namelessness? I am. The nights are dark these 9 months, hearing the voices in the outside world. Who will I be? Will the world outside look after me? And so the next journey begins, the descent through the canal into the light of Earth side. At first I am crushed, unsure of the process. The muscles of the vaginal wall pushing, pressing and forcing me through. But I see light at the end of this tunnel. It's so bright, I recognise it well. Eventually the physical form is born. Pristine in it's perfect little nature, all the child form asks for is that the world-this new place looks after them. To love them like the love they know themselves inherently to be. The journey begins and repeats again. Life bringing him sadness, showing her pain and love, reminding them who they actually are or what. Through it another layer of depth, another layer of light and loving compassion. To return the cycle of nothing into everything it always were.

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