The Magic of Healing from the Core

Round and round we go looking for that one thing, that one quick fix to help us find true potential. We want to feel better, laugh more, have purpose and speak our truths but there is work involved to give it a doorway to entering our lives. Eventually when the mindset is determined and feeling ready enough we then set off on a journey of self discovery and healing. Whether the impact of pain is psychosocial, career, physical health or other there can come a point of no return. Rock bottom truly is a blessing, even with our faces flattened on the dense surface this is no burden really because there is no where to go from the bottom except up.

A major block for a lot of people is an intrinsic state of fear and an image created that the pain is too big, the grief too overwhelming and thus too hard for us to confront. But the beauty of taking up that tiny piece of courage that you do have and endearing to face the shadow is that when you reach the other side the mind has a softened strength that no one and no thing can ever take away from you. Finding a practitioner or professional can nurture the fears and provide the external strength while you are finding this within yourself. So don't let yourself feel incapable of a healing journey when the resources are not that far from reach. Fears voice saying "don't do it" can also be transmuted and channeled into a drive for action. Be louder than the voice of fear, be braver than it's call and say "I can do it." By reaching out to holistic coaches, healers, teachers, counsellors etc. you invite a support system to aid and assist while giving you the right tools to get there faster. The investment in your own healing is worth more than it's weight in gold when you compare it to spending a life in depression, anxiety or anger, only to gain a few years of relief in your older age. Why not fast track it and have the magic now?

Magic is a wonderful substance running through every living and non living thing in the Universe. Magic is not just about faeries, elves and sprites but it's about the simplest forms of fascinating intelligence and energy. This magic is something you have and find more fully when you start to delve in to the shadows of healing. With the right tools that is. It becomes part of your life. Facing pain and bringing life into the shadow means you create space for a quieter mind, healthier relationships, less animosity and all round provides an opening for creativity to flourish. Through the bravery of taking on what once seemed a heavy or anxious burden the doors are opened for lighter living mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Like all things. You must first slow down, look at it, and then begin somewhere. The world is an amazing place and it's waiting for you with magic in your heart, keep creating the right mindset, the right steps and dare to believe 1. It is worth it 2. You can do it 3. The teacher will be come when the student is ready 4. The time is Now

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