Heart Chakra- Anahata

As a once chronic disassociate myself I found the biggest hurdle in my own journey through the heart was the allowance of genuine love in to be felt, embodied and received. Even now I can still struggle with it and from time to time those old mechanisms rear their ugly heads and try to stop me from receiving. When you are so conditioned to pain and emotional unavailability in others the tendency to shut down becomes a mechanism that runs through your veins and often even passed down through generations, it then takes away the capacity to receive the most wondrous things in life around you and into the heart.

If you look at the key words associated with the Chakra they point to the great lessons which can be nurtured and healed through to balance the heart more holistically. When a person has worked with the alchemy of the lessons involved (with any chakra) it carries with it the potential of 'enlightening' or 'achieving' the chakra. After which the chakra can then merge with the one above or below it. The enlightening of the energy centre is transforming the individual to understand greater self love and compassion, service and boundary and transforming lessons into an entirely new product which serves a much greater purpose. Some key aspects of the heart chakra: -Unconditional love -Acceptance -Compassion -Trust -Respect/boundary -Forgiveness -Altruism -Openness -Loss and grief With each aspect of the heart look at the list again and think "outwardly", giving unconditional love. What it feels like to be giving acceptance from the heart to someone and so forth (bar the last 3). Run through the list again once you have done this and return to it with the addition of the word "self" before each aspect. Notice the feeling of energy moving inward through your chest as you recite "self love, self acceptance" etc. the heart is just as much about self as it is about other. To love yourself unconditionally (or others) means you have the all clear to screw up and still be loved, that you don't have to be perfect, you can say "No" and you're still loveable and are loved. We don't have to love everything about ourselves (or others) but we can give the acceptance through compassion and understanding of this, even simply removing the expectation whether subconscious or conscious can soothe us into acceptance and thus remove condition.

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