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Great ways to detox your mind

The monotony of life will eat away at the mind if we aren't aware and active about reducing it's excess. Constant errands, the sounds of our children's demands (or our lovers) and the busy stream of chatter in the exasperated mind.

It takes more energy to implement changes than it does to stay stuck sitting in the same old pond collecting algae. So let's get out of the dampness of the mind for a bit. Shake it off and oxygenate the pool with intent. Walking is so simple, we all do it, but for some the extent of exercise is only to and fro the car. The quiet serenity of a walk will lower nervous stimulation quickly because we are shifting the nervous tension from mental to a healthy physical outlet. Nature connects us to the present moment so getting out on a regular basis is important for multiple reasons. Nature doesn't live, breathe or function in the world of machinery like we do, instead it has a beat of its own and is in harmonious rhythm with the simplest form of vitality and being. The more we can connect to the heart beat of the Earth the quieter the mind and body becomes. The mind will tune in to whatever information it's exposed to environmentally and internally. It is so susceptible to the messages it receives that it will run with the frequency it's given and amplify it's energy. So the easiest way to defrag is through low stimuli, positive input and that old chestnut called Exercise. Try to avoid movies, programs and podcasts that encourage negative feelings or thoughts, and be mindful of the power of words such as conversation. When the nervous system and muscular system are constantly under negative input all it hears and thus accumulates is dense, dark emotion and thought patterns. Content is so important! Make sure the content you give it is useful, calm and positive. When the nerves are overstimulated and input abundant in toxicity it's important to shift the energy. If you can't get out of your head get up and have a shower, go outside and walk around. Call a friend and have a healthy conversation or roll out that yoga mat for some light stretching. Feel your breath as you stand outside and visualise a pink light coming up from your heart space and into your head. This will soften the energy in your mind and help calm the nervous system. Using Bach Remedies: Flower essences can be a gentle and effective tool but remember to use them consistently. People tend to forget about them once they're feeling better but your best outcome will be from using it outside of this parameter so it strengthens your inner self and the energy it works on. Aspen- For unknown fear and anxiety Beech- Intolerance, lack compassion "pissed off" Elm- Overwhelmed and taking on too much Gentian- For doubt and discouragement Honeysuckle- For dwelling on the past Rock water- Being inflexible, hardness and expectations like a rock Larch- Low confidence There are 38 remedies in the Bach flower essence family. You might have heard of 'Rescue Remedy' which is a combination of a few Bach remedies, this system is gentle and works it's way into your psyche and spiritual field to strengthen it. Take it 3 times a day for 2 weeks and you will feel the effects within days. Now I know you have probably been told this one before but the answers in life really are that simple. Breathing: 1. Take in a deep breath counting for 3 seconds, hold it for another 3 seconds and then exhale for at least 5. Try doing this for at least 3 minutes. As your body begins to relax you will be able to take deeper and longer breaths, increasing the inhalation to 5 seconds and holding. Remember to exhale for 2 seconds longer than the inhalation. This method resets the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for returning you to a calm state after a stressful fight/flight response. The main factor in this method is breathing out for longer than you are breathing in. If you aren't feeling relaxed don't simply stop breathing. Keep going until you have reached some form of relief. It may take longer if you aren't use to lowering your anxiety and mind chatter, but it will become easier each time you practice this. So try to implement a breathing technique a few times a day to quiet the monkey mind. 2. Expanding the lungs widthwise This is an easy way to get more air into your lungs and recenter focus. Even when breathing correctly from your belly it may feel a bit tight in the lungs. Try visualising that your ribcage expands wider as you breathe- this will allow for deeper inhalation. 3. Single nostril breathing- Surya Bhedana is a Hatha yoga breathing technique intended to "warm the body and mind." You can do this by blocking your left nostril and inhaling through the right. Then block your right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Repeat this for 1-3 minutes and you will feel warmer and more relaxed in no time. Remember to inhale through the left nostril only in this technique. 4. Word Programming Taking in a deep breath while reciting certain words can help to program your subconscious with positive thoughts. This personally is my favourite type of breathing because it helps to relax the mind while programming positive thought into the powerful subconscious mind. Choose 4 words that resonate with you and make sure they're words that you can really feel inside your body as you say and breathe them. Joy, Confidence, Love, Calm, Strong, Stable etc. Using a fifth word which will be your name you can use these to feel into and reprogram simply by saying the word in your mind and attuning it to your breath. Breathe in "Love" feel the word as you exhale and imagine what this looks like. Breathe in "Creativity" feel the word as you exhale and imagine what it looks like. Breathe in "your name" feel the word as you exhale and imagine the healthiest version of yourself. Breathe in "Peace" feel the word as you exhale and imagine what it looks like. Breathe in "Protection" imagine it as you exhale.

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