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Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022

Come and take a stroll through apparent chaos with me ... find a little difference and enjoy the twist, dance in the fire while it seethes and let us make the most of the wild ride???

I stumbled across a lovely, short viewing of a YouTube video that really got me thunking, a lovely message on "rewriting the mars retrograde."

It inspired me to share insight and spread the love even further, a short word from Spirit and myself about the matter; to provide a glimpse through different shades. Let's round off some of the rough edges together. Hopefully anyway!?

While our Mars in Gemini transit started off with a touch of extremism (with our poor Gemini placements being affected the most:.. or at least those having to deal with them) everyone I came into contact with were having some form of polarity escalation in and around their lives.

Arguments setting out, character shifts and split behaviours in or around them, harsh exchange of words.

Gemini energy from all sides of the coin became apparent; the good, the bad and the ugly.

As Mars in Gemini sets the scene for it's inevitable retrograde at the end of this month ; things begin to broil.

In fact, that mars tension probably got much worse in the prior weeks as it prepared to retrograde, the closer we get to it the energy settles down and the calmer it appears... or at least for a moment it seems:

Mars retrograde can feel pretty threatening; due to the survival aspects and associations we have with this planet around war and destruction, a lot of people will be feeling "both sides of that Gemini."

One minute we could be feeling full of energy and hyper stimulated, the next underwhelmed, a little empty and unmotivated. It's a wild ride with that added Gemini energy; that's for sure.

Here, now in the moment, we can feel the primal energy of Mars and his war... there is perceived destruction imminent, or in the waking, we can feel it... the change is coming and literal war carrying out as we breathe.

But what does this mean for us individually?


How can we take a look at all of this intense, uncertain energy and understand it's heart more fully?

The idea that Mars is about to cause some ruckus couldn't be further from the truth ... I will not deny this.

What is liberating to know is that the disruptions present and ebbing for every individual in the collective is nothing but a creative and endearing readjustment of what is or isn't working.

It's about the here and now!

It's about the goals, the values and the ideas of your own future and ambition (thank you mars!)

Everywhere I look I see Mars putting in action- relentless drive to meet his (yours, their) goals.

I know change can feel unsettling, but what about the after math and the value of the initial change? The rocks are being shifted to show us what we want and don't want, thrusting us forward and asking for us to shift to the highest potential and working order for our individual wants and needs.

Gemini may be a sign of polarity but it also has a loving, affectionate, communicative and accepting side to it as well.

Highly intelligent, curious, knowledge seeking and flexible, this sign 🪧 is a lover of connecting to people and learning. Talking and sharing, causing each other's inner children to rise into the glimmer of the eye, so it can be reflected back in one unique smile.

This could be an area of where the Mars "changes" are trying to alter reality for the better, your innocence, your connectivity, joy and thriving creative expressions.

As an example some of the changes I've already been hearing about are as follows;

"I can't stand this job, I need to get out. I've asked to be transferred! I can't do this anymore. I want to be happy." (Yesss!)

"I've never done something like this before, it's full of potential I can't wait to do it!"

"I'm so impatient, I'm going to get this done. Nothing can stop me."

"I know it'll be okay, this is what I want but I know that I need to grieve."

Gemini energy has a hard time feeling feelings.

The typical go to is to switch off entirely, to flip into a state of anxiety or often to cast malicious projection of pain through spoken word.

Deeply connect to your feelings during this time;

They might be going AWOL and they could be feeling all ways- up, down, in, out.

It's about refining our attitudes and figuring our feelings out more fully.

Changes occurring now are not only directing us to connect deeper with other like minded individuals but are encouraging us to be ourselves and accept all of our needs, while meeting our aligned spiritual/ higher selves and goals.

All this change might feel brutal...

I felt like I was "being thrashed against rocks in the sea. That it was going on for so long now I was beginning to enjoy it."

It's time to get real and gain clarity, to feel that passion burning in your own primal mars belly and make-it-happen.


Although Gemini energy comes in with "switching" the changeability teaches us further "to engage with our truest feelings." You can only run from your feelings for so long before they wreak havoc in the mind.

Take a minute to relax. Breathe often;

Trust mars and his magic right now. He has important and loving messages within the beautiful destructive changes in motion.

Get excited...

"What is not working?" - Asks the Universe

"Let me test it." - Mars bellows.

"Oh dear gods! I am losing the plot here." - says the individual.

This retrograde has the power to make positive life changing events crumble into your life as the tower falls.

Consider the bashing like a little bit of pleasurable pain; no one ever got weaker from good conditioning.

You can direct this energy where you want, but the ultimate goal is to align you with the most beneficial and exciting adventures which are meant for you.

I for one, have learned the beauty of standing within the flame.

When embodied by mars ; there is no harm for if I am the fire the fire cannot burn me. To say the least.


Practice effective communication ; Gemini wants you to speak up and speak your truth.

You're about to embark on a long and lively path.

Say a prayer, write your intentions; and if the changes seem too confusing look to the potentiality of what they create. You won't miss the absolute adventure if you look to where it matters the most!

May the change be renewing, exciting and beneficial for the highest good!

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