Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022

Come and take a stroll through apparent chaos with me ... find a little difference and enjoy the twist, dance in the fire while it seethes and let us make the most of the wild ride???

I stumbled across a lovely, short viewing of a YouTube video that really got me thunking, a lovely message on "rewriting the mars retrograde."

It inspired me to share insight and spread the love even further, a short word from Spirit and myself about the matter; to provide a glimpse through different shades. Let's round off some of the rough edges together. Hopefully anyway!?

While our Mars in Gemini transit started off with a touch of extremism (with our poor Gemini placements being affected the most:.. or at least those having to deal with them) everyone I came into contact with were having some form of polarity escalation in and around their lives.

Arguments setting out, character shifts and split behaviours in or around them, harsh exchange of words.

Gemini energy from all sides of the coin became apparent; the good, the bad and the ugly.

As Mars in Gemini sets the scene for it's inevitable retrograde at the end of this month ; things begin to broil.

In fact, that mars tension probably got much worse in the prior weeks as it prepared to retrograde, the closer we get to it the energy settles down and the calmer it appears... or at least for a moment it seems:

Mars retrograde can feel pretty threatening; due to the survival aspects and associations we have with this planet around war and destruction, a lot of people will be feeling "both sides of that Gemini."

One minute we could be feeling full of energy and hyper stimulated, the next underwhelmed, a little empty and unmotivated. It's a wild ride with that added Gemini energy; that's for sure.

Here, now in the moment, we can feel the primal energy of Mars and his war... there is perceived destruction imminent, or in the waking, we can feel it... the change is coming and literal war carrying out as we breathe.

But what does this mean for us individually?


How can we take a look at all of this intense, uncertain energy and understand it's heart more fully?

The idea that Mars is about to cause some ruckus couldn't be further from the truth ... I will not deny this.

What is liberating to know is that the disruptions present and ebbing for every individual in the collective is nothing but a creative and endearing readjustment of what is or isn't working.

It's about the here and now!

It's about the goals, the values and the ideas of your own future and ambition (thank you mars!)

Everywhere I look I see Mars putting in action- relentless drive to meet his (yours, their) goals.

I know change can feel unsettling, but what about the after math and the value of the initial change? The rocks are being shifted to show us what we want and don't want, thrusting us forward and asking for us to shift to the highest potential and working order for our individual wants and needs.

Gemini may be a sign of polarity but it also has a loving, affectionate, communicative and accepting side to it as well</