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Each reading is recorded specifically for the nominated individual during a chat between their Spirit Guides and Eve Hansen.

Gain insight, direction and healing on your specific questions and life queries.

What we need from you

  • Clear and correct contact information (this is the most important! Double, triple check this please)
  • 2 subject areas or questions (3 max) provided either on your contact form or via direct email to

    *Life direction
    *Other (specifics)
  • Full name of the individual the reading is for
  • A photo of the individual if possible 
    (This isn't compulsory but does help Eve to connect with your/their energy and the Spirit guides for the reading)
  • 21 days to allow the reading to be channelled and received in your email inbox
  • Ensure the email address provided is correct! It will be hard to contact you if anything bounces back.


How does it work?

Eve schedules in an appointment with your Spirit Guide team to record your clairvoyant tarot reading. It's pretty straight forward; she connects with your team and uses her spiritual abilities along with a Tarot or Oracle deck to channel messages, answers and help you along your path.

Each reading is a one hour recorded session.

On completion it will be sent to the nominated email and transferred using WeTransfer. This allows you to then download your reading through a link, but be sure to download it within 2 weeks before the transfer expires.

Eve has 12+ years of experience working with Spirit and is no stranger to the works of energy and the universe.


Trust in your own gut! If you f