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Psychic Development for Beginners

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Gifts

Psychic Development... What does this even mean?

Relating to the soul and mind, the word psychic means to exist outside the sphere of physical science and knowledge; sensitive to non-physical influences, perceptions and understanding.

To develop, is the process of attaining new skills to expand, stretch and strengthen the muscles of your inner sight and intuition.


To develop is to embody your natural light, and sense of spiritual



Limited to 12 attendees, this 16 week intensive program explores all corners of the psychic realms and explores their components.

This learning instead focuses on your inner

world and is a wealth of practices and skills to guide you through this human experience.




The program itself runs once a week for a 2-hour session via zoom and incudes resources and written information sent to students post session for their own reference. There is also the bonus of a weekly one on one 15-minute free call with your teacher, Eve Hansen.


You will be guided closely

the whole way through.

The content itself is rich in knowledge and encompasses a vast canvas, including:

-Clairvoyance, the 4 C’s and empathy


- Spiritual history, including psychedelics

-Meeting and exploring deities, Gods and Goddesses

-Spirit guides and totem animals

-Practices of divination and psychic tools

-Exploring karma and past lives

-The aura, energy and different types of spirits

Along with bonus meditations and a private community to share and grow with each other, all will be facilitated in a supported nurturing environment ushering you into the next journey of you.

All that is required is your commitment to be present, an open mind and a willing heart.

It is recommended to keep a journal to record and reflect as you walk your journey.

"I look forward to working with you and so does spirit."


Email today to secure your placement in this course!


A non-

refundable $33.00nzd for your first session is required to hold your space or it will be passed on to someone else. A reduced upfront payment price of $400.00nzd is available too.


Note: This will be the last time this course is offered at such a low fee! So be sure to get on board.

Start date: January 28th 2022 Friday 7pmNZT to 9pmNZT


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"Look out for an email from the Team for further information on this course.
You will be provided a full schedule of the course and sneak peek into content!"

Don't forget to pay your deposit before somebody else snaps up your spot @ Hagio Crone Health
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