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Services are available in person and online via Zoom.

Current location: New Plymouth Taranaki, NZ.



Homeopathy for Menopause
Homeopathy General (ADULT)
Homeopathy General (CHILD 16 AND UNDER)

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Inner Child Coaching, Spiritual/Personal Development
Group Coaching; $3,333.00 to $5,555.00NZD

1:1 Coaching; $5,555.00 to $8,888.00NZD

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Intuitive guidance through emotional and physical blocks
**To transmute and empower you, guiding you through shadow work to stand in the light of your true self**

60 MINUTES per session

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Inner Child Coaching
Online and in-person

Healing from the Core

Inside every adult is a younger version of themselves awaiting release, love and healing. The eternal child- known in psychology as the Inner Child can be destructive, misbehaved, shy, powerless, angry and confused etc. You may see glimpses of the innocent and playful side of your inner child during bouts of creativity, inspiration, joy, love and playfulness.

The eternal child when confused or traumatized wreaks havoc in our lives.


How many times have you thrown your toys out of the cot? Yelled and screamed in desperation at a partner, friend or your own children hoping to be heard. Do you ever shut down and not know how to speak? Do you ever have fear that if you say the wrong thing the person in front of you might take it the wrong way, reject you, or abandon you, like that of a confused child.

Your childhood and the inner child are your core foundations and create the building blocks for how you have learned to relate, love, create, connect, react and express in the world.

The less loved and accepted the inner child feels the more you will see the destructive and unstable sides of the inner child, tossing and cursing, pouting and stamping your feet. In an age where we are developing deeper connections to the self and spirit, the one who helps you see the world through new and curious eyes is also awaiting companionship from within.

When working with Eve to nurture the inner child you embrace gradual and transformative shifts. Using meditation, breath work, creative and movement type therapies, coaching through reflective inquiry and conversation + more holistic approaches, the emotional reactivity of the inner child is calmed, she/he is soothed and reparented, in due time you will start to see the world in a new light. Confidence grows and the externalization of stability, connectivity and joy can be seen, heard and felt from within.

The relationship with yourself changes as you work progressively towards freedom with the inner child. You will reprogram the deepest parts of yourself, embrace positive internal dialogue and deem yourself fit and worthy of positivity, manifestation, magic and limitless self love.

Many people have healed this aspect of the self and reaped its benefits, so why not you? What deep expressions of yourself are waiting to be unleashed..

To find out more book a free 15 minute call today.

Homeopathy : Book Here

Disclaimer: Homeopathy is not intended to replace your current medications without thorough consultation with your G.P or specialist first. If you are in an emergency please call your Emergency Health Services or G.P. Results and effectiveness of Homeopathy are anecdotal and does not intend to claim cure for any diseases nor to mislead the general public, or any individual. On enrolling you will be required to read and sign an agreement acknowledging that sole responsibility/liability for your health is with you and such expectations should not fall back on Eve as your practitioner.

Eve practices Classical Homeopathy whereby only a single remedy type is given at one time. Homeopathy is by contrast a medicine made from frequency and energy as oppose to chemical compounds designed to interact and target chemically with cells or tissue in the body. The remedies are made from plants, minerals and other substances which go through stages of preparation to obtain variations of the medicinal, energy potential inside. By matching as many of your symptoms with the homeopathic remedy most similar to it a ripple affect is created in the vital force, starting with the mind and flowing on to the body. Initial consultations take approximately 1.5 hours and include remedy + postage in your fees.

Available via Zoom. Book in for a free 15 minute call to discuss suitability.




Energy Healing : Book Here
Remote and in person

Integrative Chakra Balancing

Eve has been teaching and practicing Chakra Balancing for over 10 years, she begins her sessions by inviting in higher spiritual guidance and opening up the space for a safe and comfortable healing journey. She then sends healing energy to any blockages in your main 7 chakras/energy centres in the body and minor energetic pathways and finishes by clearing the outer layers of your aura. Whether in person or distance the principles are similar and effectiveness (anecdotally) are similar.

After an energy healing 90% of people will have a very deep, refreshing sleep during which the energy completes it’s process. You should wake feeling lighter, calmer and have clearer mental function the next day if not immediately after your session. Physical pains are usually eased, if not fully dissipated.

Duration varies from approx. 45 minutes to one hour.
Depending on the depth of your ailment you may require up to 4 healings to set in motion deep healing such as with chronic pain or injury and where there is a struggle to accept the healing process within. For long term emotional and mental ailments self-healing sessions by way of "Crone Journey Sessions with Eve" are suggested to provide self-help tools and journey deeper into wellness.

Remote work using Zoom conferencing.

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Inner Child and Self-Healing

Eve offers Inner Child and Spiritual/Personal Development Coaching. If you have ever considered therapy or have ongoing issues physically or mentally one of these options might be what you need to help you on your healing journey. If you are determined to enjoy holistic wellbeing and wish to better your life, incorporate spirit and focus more light in and around you then look no further.

During your sessions you will be focused on nurture and result focused resilience. As you work with Eve once a fortnight (typically for 6-12 months) you will heal in the deepest corners of your subconscious and embody manifestation and abundance through your coaching.

You will learn various breathing techniques, be taken on deep healing meditations and focus energy on affirmation and direction.

A strategic plan is made for you when you meet with Eve, she will assess the areas of your life that are most limiting that you would like to heal and finds the correct tools for you as an individual. You might utilize movement therapies, dance, singing, art, tai chi and qi gong exercises during your coaching sessions and be offered remote healing from Eve on some of the sessions to clear your meridians.
Together you will shadow hunt in a safe environment and remove core pains and suppressions from your body. You will structurally change and heal from the core as Eve takes you on this spiritual self journey.

Book in a free 15 minute consult here.

Service hours

Tuesday 14:00 - 18:00
Friday 11:00 - 21:00
Saturday 11:00 - 14:00

CLOSED on days not mentioned.

Times are in NZT


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